Eye Make-up Removal Cloth

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Swipe and snooze! Our EndureLash® Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth is the first of its kind. Whether you’re rocking waterproof eyeliner or full glam, our gentle, hypoallergenic cloth is designed to remove the most stubborn makeup while leaving your eyelash extensions intact. Save money (and the environment!) by skipping the cotton rounds and opting for this reusable pick instead. Get the best results by pairing with our Endure Beauty Organic Lash Wash and our EndureLash® Face and Lash Drying Cloth.

The Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth can be used with warm water to remove eye makeup. The cloth will also complement any cleanser or oil, as well. To wash the cloth, place it in with your dark laundry every 2-3 days. The cloth will remain effective for up to nine months before needing to be replaced.
Organic Bamboo, Organic Cotton, Spandex Ponte
What’s included
6.5”X6.5” Organic Makeup Removal Cloth