“When I entered into this Lash World just a few short years ago, I came in as a lash lover and consumer, with an unbiased, unscathed opinion. 

Now that I feel pretty well versed in the lash industry, yet still have accepted a lifelong yearning for innovation, growth, and change in the industry, I decided to create an EndureLash educational experience like no other. It’s a collaborative approach of very skilled, yet differently technique driven artist! 

At EndureLash, we simply want to teach you how to find your own ART, love your own creations, build your own lash business, and change the lash game all together! Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? EndureLash: Let your soul shine, Let your art shine, Endure...XX

Let’s Endure Together...”

- Nikki Huebner

What our students are saying...

Just wanted to say that I highly recommend your lash training class! Wow! I have been in the industry for 17 years doing hair. I was very skeptical about learning lashes, however the Endure Lash Book is very informative and helpful.  I was surprised at how natural lashing came to me!  Thank you to my wonderful educator! I also LOVE that all the products are organic!!! Not to mention the Endure team was ALWAYS there if I had any questions. Any aspiring lash artists out there should consider taking the Endure Beauty Lash Training!!! Thank you so much for making my experience one to never forget!

Kelly Harper

I really enjoyed the training. It was very professional and all aspects were covered. From start to finish, it was well organized. Even though I was in a different state, it felt like I was at home. It was a nice set up and the models came on time.

Alena V.

I had been looking for months for a place to train to learn volume. I reached out to other artist online and was directed to endure beauty academy. I took their one-on-one training in July and wow! Not only did they spent two whole days with me teaching me various fanning techniques and proper application, they focused on my ergonomics to ensure that I could have a lasting career. After I completed my training they have been an endless source of support and have sent me videos to help me when I was frustrated or stuck. It also doesn't hurt that they are genuinely kind hearted people. I couldn't be more happy with my investment!

Jessica Harris, ICU Lash

I have recently taken an amazing lash class through @suburbanlash by the wonderful @endurebeauty. The knowledge given is so beyond standard, this company is so high caliber.. I am so thankful and honored to have had this opportunity! Thank you @suburbanlash Katie Gross for your part in this! Thank you for sharing your talent, your skills, your knowledge with us all! It was a pleasure to meet you!

Marissa L.

Recently, I took Endure Beauty’s lash training course in North East Ohio and I do not have enough great words to say about the training! I have been in the lash industry since April of 2019 and wanted to take another lash course to obtain even more knowledge regarding lashing, product and skincare. The mission of Endure beauty is truly inspiring and sentimental…Not to mention they have impeccable education. These ladies really know their stuff (i.e Katie Gross). I got to learn ways to upgrade services and make each lashing client as happy and comfortable as they can using Endure products…The training easily exceeded all of my expectations. As a lash artist, I would recommend anyone who is interested in a career in lashing to take their training with Endure

Madi Filakosky

I feel like for my first set they turned out well so I’m excited to see how I improve with more practice! Thank you again for having me apart of this and learning from you and Katie! I’m pumped to see what the future holds!!! Hope you had safe travels home! Xoxo


I took the Endure volume lash class and I can't say enough great things about this class. Whether you are just starting out with lashing, wanting to brush up on your skills, or learn new techniques, Nikki and Alexa are the perfect instructors. They are both so kind and genuinely want to see you succeed. I felt like they set me up for success and boosted my confidence in the lash world. Even after the class is over, they still check in on you to make sure you're feeling confident and are available to answer any questions you have! Bonus: the Endure products are amazing! Between the glue, lashes, cleansers, and under eye pads, this brand was created through hardwork and a passion for the lash industry. I 100% recommend this class, you won't be disappointed!

Erin Kelly

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