“When I entered into this Lash World just a few short years ago, I came in as a lash lover and consumer, with an unbiased, unscathed opinion. 

Now that I feel pretty well versed in the lash industry, yet still have accepted a lifelong yearning for innovation, growth, and change in the industry, I decided to create an EndureLash educational experience like no other. It’s a collaborative approach of very skilled, yet differently technique driven artist! 

At EndureLash, we simply want to teach you how to find your own ART, love your own creations, build your own lash business, and change the lash game all together! Are you ready to take your lash game to the next level? EndureLash: Let your soul shine, Let your art shine, Endure...XX

Let’s Endure Together...”

- Nikki Huebner

Meet our Pros

We have a group of diverse, talented and experienced Lash Artists and Educators each having their own unique style, skill, knowledge, personality....ART!...

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From beginners to seasoned artists, our course catalog is designed to allow students to develop and hone in on their own style as an artists...

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