A Brand with a Charitable Mission

Chyler Nicole Huebner was an angel to all who Knew and loved her. As her family together in a Raleigh hospital on November 13, 2010 they prayed that she would find a way to keep bringing light to those around her. After Chyler's passing, her spirit lives on in the work of Ronald Mc Donald House Charities of North Caroli­na. Donations to the Chapter in Chyler's memory will go toward Family Room additions in local hospitals where families can take a moment to rest and find solace.

The Huebners want others to know there is a place for them during difficult times when a child is ill. Chyler's family invites you to learn more about the Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms and how you can make a difference in a child's life.

Becoming an entrepreneur was a tug Nikki felt in her heart. She quit her 16 year career in the dental/medical device field to fully dive into this endeavor. As soon as she established her product, she wanted to come up with a word that would mean to last. Using the word endure is in honor of my late daughter, Chyler, who died in a tragic accident. Chyler was a girly girl who loved playing with Mommy's makeup. Even the retail price points are detailed in the brand, $25.10 - Chylers Birthday is May 10th. The official Brand Launch was May 10th, and every product is launched on the 10th of the month! She continues to endure for Chyler and donate a portion of Endure™ Beauty's proceeds to charitable organizations to keep her memory alive. Endure™ Beauty is committed to donating a portion of our end of year proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Family Room Projects, in memory of Chyler Nicole Huebner. We also are proud to support Kids and Cars.

about us

Nikki Huebner

Nikki Huebner is a mother, inventor, serial entrepreneur, and a freelance writer for multiple publications where she shares her knowledge of the lash and skincare world. Her studies and 16-year career were originally in dentistry, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene and Biology, then a 4-year clinical career, and finally, she sold medical devices for oral and maxillofacial surgery until the launch of Endure™ Beauty.

Her charitable brand, Endure™ Beauty, is modernizing and broadening the horizons of the Lash Industry as it currently stands and continuing to hit the organic beauty market with rapid growth. Her innovative organic products, such as Endurelash® Organic Eyelash Cloths, and the Endure™ Under Eye Gel Therapy Pads, are add on products that have shown to increase the hygiene, maintenance and luxury of the lash extension service in general, as well as add increased revenue to the accomplished Lash Artist today! Also, her clean beauty philosophy is captivating the organic beauty markets, even women's fashion boutiques!

The heart and soul behind the Endure™ Beauty Brand are the charitable aspects. Nikki lost a daughter in a tragic accident back in 2010. So, her true-life mission is to give back HOPE through, Chyler's Family Room Projects, an extension of the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Her dual-purpose creations now dominate the organic skincare world and will always create a more luxurious and safer alternative lash extension consumer experience. Endure beauty, organic with an edge!