Privacy Policy

Use of Endure LLC Communications Systems

Endure LLC’s communication and information systems should be used only for conducting Endure LLC business. Communication systems include, but are not limited to, any handheld wireless device such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets or more traditional devices such as phones, fax machines and mailing systems. Information systems include computers, internet/intranet networks and electronic mail.

Incidental, occasional and infrequent use of Endure LLC’s communication and information systems for personal use is permitted if such use does not interfere with your work, the work of another employee or the computer’s operations.

Telephone Usage

The telephone system (including voicemail) is the property of Endure LLC and is provided for business purposes. To the extent permitted by law, we may periodically monitor the use of telephones to ensure compliance with this policy. Therefore, you should not consider your conversations on Endure LLC’s telephone system to be private.

Instant Messaging

Use of instant messaging should be limited to work-related matters, except for incidental personal use. Incidental personal use of instant messaging is permitted if it does not interfere with your work or Endure LLC’s operations, and does not violate any policies.

When using instant messaging, you must follow Endure LLC security procedures. You should not use instant messaging to transmit confidential, proprietary or trade secret information. You should not use the instant message system to “visit” with colleagues about non-work-related subjects. Instant messages are not to be used as a substitute for oral communication with nearby coworkers or telephone calls to key vendors or customers. Generally, verbal communications are preferred when practical.

Internet/Intranet and Email Usage

Use of Endure LLC’s information systems are subject to Endure LLC policies applicable to traditional forms of communication.

These include, but are not limited to, policies prohibiting discrimination and harassment based on sex, race, age, national origin, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, disability or any other protected class; sexual harassment; use of Endure LLC property and resources; and disclosure of confidential information regarding the business, including, but not limited to, confidential communications (such as internal reports and policies); information regarding clients, vendors, non-public agreements; proprietary information; trade secrets (such as development of systems, procedures or processes, proprietary formulas, etc.); or non-public financial information.

The electronic mail (email) system is provided by Endure LLC to facilitate business activities within the organization. The hardware of the email system is considered to be Endure LLC property. All messages written, sent or received remain Endure LLC property and are not considered to be your private property.

Information systems should not be used to upload (send) or download (receive) any trade secrets, proprietary information, copyrighted information or any similar materials without prior authorization of Endure LLC officials.

Our internet/intranet and email systems must not be used to create or share disruptive or offensive messages. Prohibited types of messages may include, but are not limited to, racial slurs, sexually suggestive material or offensive comments about someone’s age, sex, race, disability, gender identity or expression, political or religious belief, sexual orientation or national origin.

Accessing files, utilizing codes or retrieving stored information is prohibited unless you have received prior authorization from management. You are also prohibited from gaining access to another employee’s email unless permission was granted.

Unsolicited Messages

We strictly prohibit the transmission of unsolicited emails or mass-messages of any kind. Spam (i.e., unsolicited commercial or bulk emails, mass and junk emails) will not be tolerated. The electronic mail system is reserved for Endure LLC business.

General Computer and Software Usage

It is our policy to respect all computer software copyrights and adhere to the terms of all software licenses to which Endure LLC is a party.

You may not duplicate any licensed software for use unless Endure LLC is expressly permitted to do so by an agreement with the licensor and with the approval of your supervisor.

Only software purchased by Endure LLC with the approval of the appropriate management may be used on Endure LLC computers. You are not permitted to bring software from home and load it on Endure LLC computers, unless: (1) such action is approved by management and the technology department and (2) such use of the software is consistent with the terms of the soft- ware licensing agreements.

Use of Endure LLC communication and information systems constitutes consent to this policy.