Face & Lash Drying Cloth

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You spend a lot of money on your lash extensions. The last thing you want to do is see that investment — and your beautiful lashes — go down the drain after washing your face. Unfortunately, standard terry cloth towels can rip and pull extensions. Our EndureLash® Organic Drying Cloth does neither. Designed with a unique fabric weave and spin that provides minimal shedding, no snagging and fewer lost lashes, it helps maintain your lashes by providing you with a safe way to groom your lashes after washing your face.

​Using the smooth side of the EndureLash® Organic Drying Cloth, press gently in an upward direction on the eyelash extensions for about 5-10 seconds. Continue to feather and groom the eyelash extensions with a gentle upward motion until they are back into place.
100% Organic Cotton Terry
What’s included
7.5”X7.5” Organic Cotton Drying Cloth