Face & Lash Drying Cloth

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Gentle is the name of our game. Our EndureLash® Organic Face and Lash Drying Cloth allows you to safely groom and dry your lashes after a full day. Our cloth’s unique fabric weave and spin was designed to avoid snagging and shedding. For the ultimate TLC lash treatment, use our drying cloth as the final step after applying our EndureLash® Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth and Endure Beauty Organic Lash Wash.

​Using the smooth side of the EndureLash® Organic Drying Cloth, press gently in an upward direction on the eyelash extensions for about 5-10 seconds. Continue to feather and groom the eyelash extensions with a gentle upward motion until they are back into place.
100% Organic Cotton Terry
What’s included
7.5”X7.5” Organic Cotton Drying Cloth