Classic Faux Mink Lash Bands

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The Classic Soul has a timeless elegance. Her observance of life gives her rarely spoken words...weight. Her crisp white shirt, her low ponytail, her barely made up face, and then her classic lashes...

Measure against your natural lash line to ensure lashes are the correct length. Trim accordingly with scissors. Apply adhesive to band and wait 30 seconds until tacky. Place lash band at the base of your lash line beginning at the inner corner working outwards. Gently tap down lashes for 30 seconds to set.

For best results, use the Endure Beauty Lash Wash and EndureLash Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloth to remove any residual makeup, oils, or debris from the lash band after each use.
100% sterilized faux mink
What’s included
One Pair of Custom Lash Bands