The Perfect Trio Set

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The ISOLATOR: This isolator tweezer is the best isolation tweezer on the market. With its long handle and 45- degree angle, it pretty much does the work for you. Having a curved tweezer for isolation helps you as the artist rest your hand comfortably on the client as a fulcrum point, allowing perfect isolation at the lash line and starting point.

The CLASSIC: The classic tweezer is perfect for classic pickup and placement. With the slight curve at the foot, it can manipulate and secure the inner and outer eye corners with ease. And all while keeping your hand in a comfortable and ergonomically correct position while lashing.

The ULTIMATE VOLUME: This is our version of a universal volume tweezer. No matter your technique for creating volume fans, this tweezer will aid you in lash pickup flawlessly. The work zone is the entire foot of the tweezer, allowing you as the artist to pick up any type of lash fan. Wide fans, narrow fans, ANY FANS large or small…


Hand tested and approved by EndureLash® Academy Head Trainer, Nikki Jacobson. 

For Professional Use Only.
Dumont Stainless Steel Durable Plastic
What’s included
(1) Pair Classic, (1) Isolator and (1) Ultimate Volume Tweezers and (1) Stand.