Make-up Removal Facial Cloth

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Made with Organic Bamboo, the original Endure™  Beauty Organic Facial Cloth is a reusable and wipe off your make-up instantly. They are also an excellent after-care tool for anyone who has undergone any aggressive facial treatments such as lasers and dermatological treatments. This first of its kind miracle cloth is hypoallergenic and works well with just warm water for those with sensitive skin, but also works amazing with cleansers and oils. It also lessens waste by not needing to use disposable wipes or cotton rounds. It can be washed and reused for upwards of 9 months! It’s fabulous for travel too! Now you have the simple, hypoallergenic, green, and modern way to cleanse your entire face.

The Organic Makeup Removal Cloth can be used with warm water in most/all situations to remove makeup. However, the cloth will complement any cleanser or oil as well! Wash the cloth in with your dark laundry every 2-3 days. With proper care, the cloth will remain effective for up to nine months before needing to be replaced.
60% Organic Bamboo, 30% Organic Cotton, 10% Spandex Ponte
What’s included
8” x 8” Organic Makeup Removal Cloth