MYTH: “Products containing GLYCERIN will weaken lash adhesive”

In regards to eye lash adhesives-glycerin/glycols are one of the largest commodities in cosmetics. They have multiple applications, such as being readily water and alcohol soluble. Glycerin is NOT like your average “rubbing” alcohol however, it is still on the molecular level of an alcohol. It's a major humectant, meaning it draws in moisture readily from the outside environment, or another term is HYGROSCOPIC! Additionally, it's solvency and volatility varies greatly from standard rubbing alcohol.

Rule of thumb is that glycerin is weaker, due to a much shorter carbon chain length. Put it this way, for example, standard hydrogen peroxide can disolve certain plastic bottles that glycerin would NOT damage whatsoever. Also, glycerin is a common ingredient in waterless and water-laden adhesives, due to its flexible characteristics, and inability to dry out....

So long story short, Glycerin in Facial Cleansers, lash washes, or cosmetics, will not weaken lash adhesives!