Faux Mink Self-stick Lash Band Set

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Reduce and reuse! Save time and money with our faux mink lash bands that can survive up to 10 successful wears. If glue just isn’t you, rest assured, our proprietary built-in tape technology will effectively secure these lashes in place. To clean the lash bands, use our EndureLash® Eye Makeup Removal Cloth with warm water to remove any residual makeup, oils or debris. Then allow to air dry and prepare to get glam all over again! Set includes 3 styles:


For the dominant firecracker who refuses to take no for an answer! She never fails to make a grand entrance, and sometimes her lashes do all the talking. She evokes a feeling of safety and protection, with a soft interior despite the tough shell.


For the social butterfly and natural born flirt. She’s a career woman by day and life of the party by night. She’ll melt you with one wink, and she knows just what she’s capable of!


The Glam gal stands out in the crowd, shimmering with confidence. Her entire ensemble has all eyes on her—lashes are no exception. She doesn’t wear the trends, she starts them. Over-the-top in the best way possible, this diva never has a hair out of place or a lash left uncurled.

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Measure against your natural lash line to ensure lashes are the correct length. Trim accordingly with scissors. Place lash band at the base of your lash line beginning at the inner corner working outwards. Gently tap down lashes to set in place.

To clean Lash Bands use the EndureLash® Eye Makeup Removal Cloth and warm water to remove any residual makeup, oils, or debris from the lash bands after each use.
100% sterilized faux mink
What’s included
Three pairs of pre-glued Lash Bands
(1) Placement Tool