Classic Single Length Lash Extentions

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The designs of the Classic Single Length trays include a collection of professional Lashes: 20 different trays, lengths ranging from 9-13mm, two curl selections - C and CC, and diameters ranging from .12/.15. We chose the most popular diameters, lengths, and curl, with a nice matte black finish.  

These lashes provide a full, fluffy, and natural look for the woman on the go. The finish of the lashes allows for your eyes to radiate beauty.


  • 16 rows of lashes with round shape to allow a more natural look
  • Satin pink pull for easy lash card removal
  • Foiled light pink backdrop rows of lashes for ease on the lash artist eyes
  • Magnetic box packaging allows for neat organization and storage

Available for the Licensed Beauty Professional Only.

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