With EndureLash™ organic eyelash extension drying cloths, you can swim, shower, bathe, play sports, and have the confidence to dry your extensions with less snags, no lint, and better overall maintanence between monthly visits to the eyelash studio. EndureLash™ drying cloths are organic, hypoallergenic, and offer a better way maintain your eyelash extension investment!

  • Fewer lost lashes = more time between lash fill appointments
  • No visible towel lint left behind on your lashes
  • Have the confidence and freedom to participate in your favorite activities without the worry of protecting your lash investment
  • Better hygiene using EndureLash™ cloths to dry after cleansing with approved eyelash cleansers.

With EndureLash™ organic eyelash extension cleansing cloths, you will no longer need cotton rounds which can snag or shed into your extensions or have the need to use make-up sponges which harbor bacteria. The EndureLash™ organic cleansing cloths allow you to safely remove your eyeshadow and eyeliner without hesitation. They can be laundered in the mesh laundry bag provided and reused. Now you can have the safest and most effective tool for maintaining your eyelash extension investment!





EndureLash™ was recently featured on Tarheel Talk! Click on the video segment below to see!