Protect your delicate eye area with the first cloths of it's kind, the EndureLash®'s soft, hypo-allergenic, organic fiber cloths. EndureLash® makes healthy maintenance of your lash extensions an easy part of your overall beauty routine. Both cloths are proudly made in the USA. Patent Pending.


Made with Organic Bamboo. For the Lash Lovers, our EndureLash® Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloths are a safe, hypo-allergenic tool to help you safely cleanse the delicate skin around your eyes. The Eye Makeup Removal Cloth works well with just warm water for people with allergies and sensitivities, but also works amazing with cleansers and oils. You will no longer need harsh chemicals, cotton rounds, disposable wipes, or makeup sponges that can harbor bacteria. EndureLash® Organic Eye Makeup Removal Cloths provide a better, more hygienic way to remove eye makeup.


Made of 100% Organic Cotton Terry. EndurLash® Organic Drying Cloths are hypo-allergenic and safe to use around the sensitive eye area. The unique fabric weave and spin protects against shedding, snagging and pulling, which means fewer lost lashes. Our cloth gently absorbs excess water and beautifully feathers the lashes back into place. EndureLash® Drying Cloths are the perfect tool to protect and prolong your eyelash investment.