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EndureLash® Pro Mixed Classic Lash Trays

Unfiltered Beauty Collection Mixed Classic

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The design of the trays includes a mixed collection of both volume lashes and classic lashes. We chose the most popular diameters, lengths, and curl, with a nice matte black finish for this first collection of 12 different trays, six trays per collection with lengths ranging from 8-15mm, three curl selections-C, CC, and D, and diameters ranging from .06/.07/.12/.15.

These lashes provide a full, fluffy, and natural look for the woman on the go. The finish of the lashes allows for your eyes to radiate beauty. We’ve done our research and designed what we know the lash world will LOVE!


  • 16 rows of lashes with round shape to allow a more natural look
  • Foiled light pink backdrop rows of lashes for ease on the lash artist eyes
  • Magnetic box packaging allows for neat organization and storage

Available for the Licensed Beauty Professional Only.

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