Lash Lovers Kit

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The Endure™ Beauty Lash Lovers Kit is for the Lash Connoisseur, who is all about her lashes and the aftercare... The kits are perfect for everything from sweet sixteens and proms to weddings or just a night out on the town. Each pair of Lash Bands are handmade and reusable up to ten times, the lashes feature 100% sterilized faux mink and a cotton band. Each kit is customized with our Classic, Endure, Glam or Society Lash Bands. You’ll also get our EndureLash® Organic Eyelash Cloths, Lash Band Placement Tool, Lash Band Adhesive and the Endure™ Beauty Lash Wash. Each kit will also include a free gift with purchase, a pair of our Under Eye Therapy Gel Pads. Basically the kit and caboodle!

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First, check the fit of your lash band: Lay the lash band on top of your natural lashes. Trim if needed. Place the lash band in the clip, apply lash band adhesive onto the lash band and wait a few seconds. Use the clip to apply the lash band directly to the base of your lash line, hold it shortly and remove the clip gently when the lash band is set in place. To remove, gently grasp false lashes just above lash band and gently pull from inside to outside to remove lash. Use the Endure™ Beauty Lash Wash along with the EndureLash Eye Make-Up Removal Cloth to clean the surrounding eye area and lash bands. Store cleaned lashes in the compact case provided.
Lashes: 100% Sterilized Faux Mink
Band: 100% Cotton
What’s included
One Pair of Custom Lash Extensions
One EndureLash® Eye Makeup Removal Cloth
One Sachet of Endure™ Under Eye Gel Therapy Pads
One Lash Placement Tool and Lash Adhesive